Son thỏi bourjois rouge edition

Follow its worldwide success with the Bourjois Velvet creme line . Recently Bourjois continues khổng lồ release a 2018 super slurry mold. With more eye-catching kiến thiết than the old model. This bourjois ingenious lipstick promises lớn be a smooth, glossy pigment that can glide on your lips.

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Mô tả

Son Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick is a brand new bullion that just hit the market. This lipstick is much more beautiful Beautiful Blogger is pretty soft soft, very beautiful color.

Table lipstick Bourjois Rouge Velvet total of 12 màu sắc color diversity. Full of easy-to-read tones such as bright red, pink, orange, earthy enough lớn please any girl. Even the most difficult girls can hardly resist the first hit.

Bourjois bar with 12 brilliant colors for devotees

04 – Hip Hip Pink – Baby Hong

05 – Brique-A-Brac – Red Roses

06 – Abrico ‘Dabra – Fresh Cam

07 – Joli Carmin ‘Ois – Red orange

08 – Rubi’s đáng yêu – Fresh Red

09 – Fuchsia Botte – Pink Lotus

10 – Magni-Fig – Red velvet

11 – Berry Formidable – Dark red

12 – Brunette – Red Purple

Outstanding features of Bourjois Rouge

This lipstick promises khổng lồ have a smooth texture, a good color, no dry lips that last up khổng lồ 24 hours.

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Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick has a total of 12 colors, including bright red, pink, orange & earthy tones, deep enough lớn satisfy any girl. The lipstick is considered by many beauty bloggers to lớn be quite soft, brilliant in màu sắc from the first hit.


Available in all colors from lovely màu sắc to personality

Leading aside the thiết kế of the cream, Bourjois returned khổng lồ his friendly, refined & compact design, fitting with his little girlfriend’s hand, the lipstick was designed in the size of Drops of water so that the devotees easily make-up their lips, especially the lips.The lipstick does not dry the lips, thanks to lớn the ingredients extracted from peanut butter, the moisturizing ingredient makes your lips soft, dry.Fine smooth, lip gloss on the surface is very smooth, good coverage just a lip gloss only her lips are very fresh. When lipstick is applied to lips, the lipstick will dissolve và penetrate into the smooth và smooth lips, keeping color for up lớn 24 hours for her delightful splashing.Easily create a lip shape without lip contouring.The scent of the lipstick has improved markedly, the aroma is really sweet, charming but also very gentle.

Where to buy Bourjois bullion genuine? is committed khổng lồ providing general cosmetic products and Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick Rubbers in particular 100% genuine. Our commitment:


With 12 beautiful shimmering colors on beautiful lips. I bởi vì not believe in seeing this Bourjois Rouge son without loving not bringing him home. I will give you a beautiful lips brilliant impression