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For those looking for unique film with superb màu sắc reproduction, we offer the SUPERIA brand. This sản phẩm is available in an ISO speed of 400 sensitivity, providing everything from versatility and highly flexible film with enhanced color reproduction khổng lồ sharpness and smooth, fine grain.

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Excellent Grain QualityHigh Speed & Wide Exposure LatitudeVibrant, Natural màu sắc ReproductionExcellent Skin-Tone ReproductionExcellent SharpnessExcellent Gray Balance
Fine grain for a high-speed film, providing no loss of image chất lượng even in large-size enlargementsHigh sensitivity that allows images to lớn be captured even under insufficient light conditionsVibrant và dynamic reds, blues, yellows, violets and a variety of greens with enhanced fidelitySmooth, beautiful & naturally depicted skin-tonesExtremely sharp depiction of all aspects of the subject, from overall khung to textural detailsPrecisely maintained gray balance throughout, from the brightest highlights to lớn the deepest shadows

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