Intel Core I5 9Th Gen


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Pretty speedy for what I use it for, got the one with integrated graphics because I didn"t have money at the time for a Graphics Card


Great CPU, just has terrible integrated graphics và an even worse stock cooler. I was hitting 90 on idle and had khổng lồ use a software that locks CPU usage so I didn"t go above 100. Và for comparison, I get 40 under full load now.

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All I need for a robust multi-monitor đoạn phim capture system. Integrated graphics got the ball rolling immediately. There was no need lớn change the stock cooler but I did anyway.

Perfect performance-wise. The Integrated graphics are great if you gpu fails (or if you cheap out và don"t buy one like me). The Igpu work amazingly well for light gaming. Anything more, get a gpu. The only thing I don"t lượt thích is how AWFUL the stock cooler looks. The only cool part is how the blades reflect my case fans" rgb but that isn"t even meant khổng lồ work lượt thích that. If you are going for aesthetics, go amd or buy your own cooler. I plan on getting a water cooler because this thing heats up to 100 degrees really fast with the stock cooler. Don"t get this if you plan on a high-end gaming pc. A ryzen 7 3700x & an asus Tuf Gaming X570 Plus will do you way better for the extra money.

Solid CPU, I haven"t run into any issues (while gaming or otherwise) where the CPU has slowed me down, it works great. Got this on sale and having the integrated graphics as an option is a nice perk over the 9400F. I wish they would update the stock cooler to look a little more sightly, but it is quiet & has kept my CPU around 37C idle, và during prime95 it didn"t go above about 68.

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